Seniorie De Maretak

Seniorie De Maretak, Halle

Ziekenhuislaan 10 telefoontéléphonetelephone 02 359 03 00 e-mail
1500 Halle faxtéléfaxfax 02 359 03 90 www

woongelegenheden ROBlogements MRaccommodation for care home residents 122
erkenning als RVTagrément MRSapproved as a nursing home 25

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Seniorie 'de Maretak' can welcome 122 residents. As well able-bodied as disabled persons can be taken care of. Seniors suffering from dementia can stay in a special ward.
Some quotes of our mission statement :
We offer a dynamic and innovating service in a very fast changing community.
We want to give an example of a modern and warm culture of care.
We accompany and sustain the older person.
We like to listen to our employees.