Residentie Boneput

Residentie Boneput, Bree

Boneputstraat 5 telefoontéléphonetelephone 089 46 66 47 e-mail
3960 Bree faxtéléfaxfax 089 46 79 52 www

woongelegenheden ROBlogements MRaccommodation for care home residents 75
erkenning als RVTagrément MRSapproved as a nursing home 47
kortverblijfcourts séjoursshort stay 3

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Residentie Boneput is located close to the centre of Bree and can be reached easily both by car and public transport.

We wish to be a caring haven for seniors from the area, be they able-boded, disabled or suffering from dementia. A place where individual needs and preferences are taken into account and old age is enjoyable.

A multidisciplinary team is always on hand to provide the residents with the care and assistance they require.

There is a family atmosphere at Boneput; the staff are open-minded and caring.

A refreshing, innovative approach encourages the residents to make their stay an exciting experience.